Wednesday, 21 February, 2007


Kombucha Mushrooms are normally obtained from other users -friends and is given Free or for a nominal fee to cover shipping costs.
Kombucha products are also marketed online for those who cannot brew and maintain the culture at home.

Kombucha tea made fresh at home is considered the most effective drink provided the brewing is done under heigenic environment.There are many bye products of this tea like shampoos and ointments whose efficacy can be commented upon by the users only. I have not yet used them myself.

While handling the Kombucha culture care should be taken to avoid culture coming in contact with any metallic substance.hands should be clean and the containers should be either glass with the least lead content or food grade plastic.the jars containing the culture for fermentation should be covered with a muslin cloth to allow the culture to breath.Direct light should not fall on the container.The fermentation process should be allowed for 6 or 7 days in hot climate and for 10days in cold climate.

Years ago,sometime in 1998 research was done at the Defence Institute of Physiological and Allied Sciences (DIPAS),NEW DELHI. It was found that the tea significantly retarded the ageing process.
The culture was collected from us by the Director of the Institute
as he was very impressed by the cure it could effect on my seven year old skin problem.

DR.Guenther has given yeoman service in introducing the benefits of this TEA to the general public through his sites and publications on the subject.
Twice ,in the past,i approached him for guidance and he gave his very valuable advice which benefitted me immensely.

There are Kombucha clubs for serious kombucha lovers.
Inspite of the efforts of the well wishers in making this Health Drink a mass appeal
in my experiance I found people are reluctant to "try" unless they have an ailment for which they could find no cure elsewhere.

As it contains Vitamins,Folic Acid,Antioxidant and Anti biotic properties if consumed daily in small Quantities it will the Tea Drinker in very good health throughout his Life.

Saturday, 17 February, 2007

Kombucha tea

This Mushroom Tea is really a wonderful Tonic.
It is no Exaggeration to call it a Miracle Drink.
I brew my tea at home and drink it every day.It gives me good amount of energy everyday.
i have been drinking this tea for the past 10 years.It cured me of a skin problem which no other medicine-Allopathic,Ayurvedic,Homeopathic orBiochemic medicines which i tried for good 7 years.
I recieved Kombucha culture from a friend and started drinking and within 7 days of my drinking and applying externally my skin boils dried up and gradually i was completely cured.
I now give to people who want to try this out and in a number of cases people have repoted remarkable effect.
i recommend that one should go to Kombucha sites and educate oneself and try the Tea.i am sure the result will be very good and positive